Why Use a Mortgage Broker instead of the Bank?

  • Mortgage Brokers work for YOU, not the lender.
  • Mortgage financing that best suits your individual needs. By not being affiliated with any one lender, we give the client options by having access to numerous lenders.
  • We are available to meet with clients based on their schedule.
  • We educate you through the mortgage process. We are a resource of     information, ensuring our clients know exactly what is happening, every step of the way.
  • Mortgage Brokers provide CHOICE.
  • We save the client the legwork of shopping around for the best mortgage.
  • We only need to pull ONE credit report for all of our lenders.
  • Banks can only access and offer you their own rates and products that they have available within their branch.
  • You are responsible for negotiating your own terms, conditions and rates.
  • If you have to shop around to multiple banks, multiple credit reports will be pulled.

Not considering all the options available for your mortgage financing is like looking at only one house and buying without considering what else is available on the market.

Unlike staff at the bank, Mortgage Brokers do one thing only and do it well – Mortgages!