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Shopping around for the right mortgage can be a complicated and time consuming process. With my up to date knowledge, I can provide you with various options and features, or the best current rates. As a mortgage agent I deal with multiple financial institutions. I have the tools to build a customized mortgage plan, with the features and options that meet your needs. I look forward to helping you achieve your financial and homeownership goals. 

I was born in Luoyang, China and lived there for 18 years. In 2005, I came to Brandon to attend Brandon University as an international student. I have graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in applied disaster and emergency studies in 2010. After graduation, I have been working as a cultural facilitator and interpreter. I married my wife in 2012 and we became parents in 2015 with twin boys. After a long journey leading to living in Brandon, we are settled. However, I will never stop looking for new adventures.

This is why I am here. I like to work with people and provide help; this is how I adapt and feel at home. So, please feel free to contact me at any time.

Tel: (204) 727-2177
Cell: (204) 725-7986
Fax: (204) 725-1018

您好, 我是丁涛,我是曼尼托巴省(MB)注册房贷经纪。我很乐意的随时为您提供最好的房贷建议还有最优惠的利率。

我的特长是为您提供房产购买的资助。除了身为专业的地产房贷经纪, 同时我自己也是一名地产投资者, 所以我非常的了解每一家银行和每一家贷款公司的业务。为您寻找最合适的按揭条款和最优越的贷款利息是我的服务宗旨。

现今市场上有许多房贷的产品和选项, 对每家银行和贷款公司进行了解和挑选是很花费时间的一个事情。身为专业的房贷经纪,我会为您把申请房贷的步骤一一进行简化。让您可以无需烦恼并快速的获得您需要的房款按揭。

如果您已经和一家银行谈好了一份按揭方案, 我可以为您提供免费的评估, 看看市场上是否还有更加适合您和更加优惠的利率。

同常, 房贷款交易在房屋成交后, 经纪和客人的关系就结束了。而我不同的是, 我会非常密切的跟进利息市场上的讯息。一有什么变动就会立刻通知我亲爱的顾客。采取锁定利息防止进一步上升, 或者当利息下降时帮顾客省下更多的钱。

无论是你准备买房, 更新房贷合约, 再按房贷, 或者是购买投资性质的房地产, 我都会致力地为您寻找最好的利率。

请联系我吧 204-725-7986

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