Mortgage Insurance – We Have a Better Option

As a Mortgage Broker with CENTUM Mortgage Choice, we care about our clients and we want to do what is best for them. It bothered me to watch this investigative report but it also compelled me to let folks know that not all insurance providers that offer life and/or disability insurance on your mortgage treat their claims process this way. And how awful for the people involved that were denied their insurance claims due to ‘post claims underwriting’.

Not only do we have more mortgage options than the big banks, we also have a great product we can offer for life and/or disability insurance coverages that will protect your mortgage. The insurance provider we use underwrites your life and/or disability insurance coverage at the time of your application, not at the time of your claim. They do not believe post claims underwriting is beneficial to the consumer. By working with us early on, you will be advised of the coverage you are approved for so there are NO SURPRISES! Surprises can be nice – but not when it involves your biggest financial obligation: Your Mortgage.

As if you needed another reason to work with a Mortgage Broker, right?? Talk with us and let us tell you about all the ways to protect your mortgage.

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Source: CBC