Amy & Derek April 25, 2019

Huge thank you goes out to Sheila Cooper! Could not have asked for anyone better to help guide and assist us in buying our first home. From being able to work with our hectic work schedules, to answering questions that I thought I should have maybe already known...Sheila explained everything thoroughly in a way that was understandable, and did everything in such a timely fashion while keeping us updated on everything. Honestly made first time home buying much less stressful than anticipated. I would recommend Sheila to absolutely anyone looking to purchase a home. Not enough thank-you's can be given to her!

Nicole S. February 13, 2019

Carolyn was so helpful, always got back to us right away, was very knowledgeable and made the process of switching mortgages so easy. Highly recommend and have sent people her way. We were nervous about the process of switching institutions but she made it painless!

RG December 17, 2018

It has been a pleasure working with Hellen. We were glad to have someone knowledgeable, kind and caring in our corner to guide us through this process.

Scott & Deann McDonald September 29, 2018

With all the excitement and fears of trying to buy a house, Sheila was awesome at keeping things down to earth and positive. Excellent with communication and expectations, and was a pleasure to work with. Would recommend to anyone. Thanks for all your help Sheila.

L & J September 6, 2018

Steve was great to deal with. He was reassuring whenever we were stressed, worried or had questions or concerns. He always responded to us quickly. We were overall very happy. Using a mortgage broker is the best option for finding the best rates from shopping around all lenders so it makes sense to use a broker rather than going directly to the bank. We found the process stressful but I think that's just because we are first time buyers. Nothing to do with how Steve handled our mortgage, if anything he made the process less stressful.

Neal and Heidi August 26, 2018

Hellen was great at guiding us through every step of our recent purchase. Not only is she personable and responsive, she is also very patient with a very wide variety of questions we had for her. Thank you so much for helping us!

G & L July 19, 2018

Hellen, I honestly can't thank you enough for taking time to help me through this. You will always have my business and I will make sure to recommend every person I know!

L & B June 28, 2018

Hellen, thank you for everything for the past couple months with helping us in selling and buying our new home! With it being a private sale it was much more stressful and you made is so much easier on us. You dealt with all my questions daily for a week straight and always knew how to ease my mind that I was doing a good job!! We can't wait to move into our new house and know this is where we will be for a very long time. Thanks again!

A.J. April 18, 2018

Hellen, thank you so much. You are absolutely amazing and make this whole process so much easier!

Steffi and Alex April 13, 2018

We're very happy with Shelia's assistance with finding the right mortgage and getting everything lined up. Shelia made sure that we understood everything and listened carefully to what we wanted out of our mortgage. Things moved unexpectedly fast at several stages of purchasing and acquiring our new home and Shelia was on the ball and ready to go each time. She worked hard for us, catching small issues before they became big ones and always being available, even at the expense of her vacation time! We are really grateful for Shelia's time and effort!


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